Legends of Tomorrow EP about ‘Avalance’ surprise and why Sara was kidnapped


Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday Legends of Tomorrow. Proceed at your own risk!

Congratulations on Legends of Tomorrow’s Sara and Ava, who got engaged at the season six premiere on Sunday – albeit in a rather awkward way.

After Sara was abducted by aliens, Ava learned from a video (yes, this one) recorded by David Bowie that her friend was going to ask the question the night she disappeared. To accept the proposal, Ava first had to track down Sara, so the Waverider crew recruited the help of a woman named Spooner (regular new series Lisseth Chavez), who was abducted by ETs as a child and claims to be able to communicate with them. Thanks to Spooner’s powers and Constantine’s sorcery, Ava was able to project herself and tell Sara that she will marry her so that she can better fight for survival. That was the motivation Sara needed to free herself from her chamber and, with Gary’s help, to take over the alien spaceship. (Oh yes, Gary is an alien, by the way. Surprise!) But unfortunately Sara and Gary couldn’t make it through the wormhole to safety in time.

Although “Avalance” is now engaged, the couple are in a really distant relationship and it will be a struggle to find their way across space. “It’s not an easy fix that I know will disappoint a lot of people,” co-showrunner Phil Klemmer told TVLine. “Sara and Ava never expected it, but they are both strong and have never questioned the very foundation of their relationship. So we had to come up with some external pressure, and there is nothing more punchy than being kidnapped and taken to an alien planet by a psychopathic super-genius who Sara had in mind as his ultimate prize. “

As Sara tries to survive her new situation, Ava will be in a story where she tries to recover from Sara’s loss and cope with all of this heartache and abandonment that will rise in rather volatile ways from the rest of the team “, Gives Klemmer a preview.

The couple’s split is also “not just a little three-episode arc,” warns Klemmer. Even so, the relationship between Sara and Ava is still palpable during these detached episodes. “I have a feeling that even when they’re not together, they exist in each other’s hearts,” adds Klemmer. “I feel like Ava’s story and Sara’s story, even though they are separate, they really talk to each other in a very romantic way. I feel like being apart from someone is more romantic than being with them. We all love to crave. It’s a lot sexier! “

What Sara’s kidnapper wants with her – Gary was sent to kidnap Captain Lance but ultimately fell in love with Earthlings – says Klemmer that the blonde has several qualities that make her worthy of the “typical human” title. “She is a survivor and has died countless times. She became a role model and a quasi-deity and survived the League of Assassins,” notes Klemmer. “She has this indomitable spirit, and has walked away from so many tragedies, with the ability to love, to believe that life is all right. I think it was taken for that reason, because space is a big, empty, hostile, deadly place where probably only Sara Lance’s ghost can survive. “

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