Learn how to watch HBO Max on PS5

It looks like HBO Max is making a deal with everyone but Roku.

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Some good news for PS5 users: HBO Max is now available on the latest Sony game console. HBO Max has completed deals left and right to increase availability. Earlier this week we learned that the upcoming WarnerMedia streamer is now also available for the Xfinity X1 and Flex.

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The good news train rolled on as WarnerMedia announced on Wednesday that HBO Max is now available on PS5. This means now when you are frustrated gambling Cyberpunk 2077You can cool off by flicking through the HBO Max app and choosing from the streamer’s superlative range of films, television and original content such as The flight attendant, the euphoria special episodes and Raised by wolves. The HBO Max PS5 deal means these console users will have access too Wonder Woman 1984 when it starts on the streaming service on December 25th.

How can PS5 users access HBO Max? That’s the easy part. Once you’re on your PlayStation 5 home screen, just go to the PlayStation Store, find the HBO Max app, hit the download button, and you’re on your way.

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This week’s news of the availability of HBO Max for the PS5, Xfinity X1 and Flex is another loud and clear reminder that the streaming service is still not available to Roku users. This has been a point of contention for potential HBO Max users since the platform launched earlier this year. The corporate line on this matter still has a “work in progress” effect, but it’s unclear which camp the HBO Max Roku deal is in negotiating or why it doesn’t come together right away, so other deals come together like the one with Sony Entertainment for the PS5.

HBO Max is now available for download for PS5. Before you head out, find out what’s coming to HBO and HBO Max in December. Get even more HBO Max updates here.

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