KUWTK: Kanye West reportedly “accepted” that he and Kim Kardashian were over, but he’s still not happy about it

According to some reports Kanye West has answered Kim Kardashian Divorce papers two months after she filed them. While this means that he may have accepted that they were over, it doesn’t mean that he is happy about it.

It took the rapper no less than 8 weeks to respond to Kim’s divorce papers, and a source told HollywoodLife that the reason he had postponed it for so long was because he was still hoping to fix things and to get back together.

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Kanye took his time because he held onto the hope that he could fix things. Obviously, that doesn’t happen and he finally accepted it. His inner circle urged Ye to hire a good lawyer and fix it once and for all, and luckily, he finally listened to reason. ‘

Indeed, Kanye’s legal representatives filed the filing asking for joint custody of Kimye’s four children.

“His main concern is to get equal rights to see his children. And since they’re both on the same page, everyone expects it to be a pretty quick fix. Kanye doesn’t want that. If it were up to him, this divorce wouldn’t happen, so it was really painful for him to take this step. But he’s in a place of acceptance now, there’s really no other option. Instead of prolonging the heartbreak, it’s easier to get things done for the good of the whole family. ‘

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In other words, it sounds like Kanye really doesn’t want things to end like this between him and Kim, but at this point he realizes there is nothing more he can do to return to what was before.

So he finally responded to the divorce papers but the regret and pain is still there and he could use a little more time to get over the breakup and move on.

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