Kehlani Accused of Aborting a Popular Actor’s Baby! (‘She broke off our child’)

Last week, actor Kaalan Walker accused singer Kehlani of having aborted his child:

“Of course, my heart was broken by the way you treated our child Kehlani … I wish you had told me the truth instead of lying to me and aborting our child without my knowledge,” he claimed.

Kehlani strikes back:

KEHLANI SAYS YG betrayed her

“People are very aware of my following and the eyes on me. Over the years I have watched people make up so many things in order to get a reaction from me, to see them. I don’t tell a single lie or obsessed liar, “she tweeted. “People ask me to speak about lies that are made up on me. People will call my phone and say, aren’t you going to say something. Truths could make me have a back and a fourth. Obvious lies?” Have fun in your fantasy land, it’s not something I can say to control your madmen. It’s over me. “

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