Kanye West to spill tea on the Kardashians after his marriage to Kim Kardashian is reportedly over?

Is Kanye West Will you spill tea on the Kardashians and Jenners after his six-year marriage to Kim Kardashian is reportedly over? That’s the question people are asking themselves from an article in the upcoming issue of OK! Ask from February 22, 2021. Magazine. There is no doubt that Kanye has witnessed many of the secrets of Kardashian and Jenner, and some believe Kim is in no rush to petition divorce is she trying to negotiate an NDA with Kanye before the two finally go their separate ways? Now its okay! reports that a nearby source is petrifying the situation, Kim says Kanye will open his mouth and take revenge on the family.

Everyone saw and heard what Kanye West said about his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, when he ran for president. Not only did he compare Kris Jenner to Kim Jong-un, but he spoke about how he was considering aborting his oldest child, North West, when Kim Kardashian told him she was pregnant. If Kanye’s previous comments are indicative of this, then there is no telling what to say and OK out loud! It might not be long before the public finds out.

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OK! The source described a scenario where Kanye West seeks revenge and blames Kris Jenner and the family for the troubles he is facing. Neither Kanye West nor Kim Kardashian commented on the report.

OK! quoted the source as saying that Kanye was ready to give an interview. The magazine reported the following.

At this point he has nothing to lose. His marriage is as good as over and his reputation is in damage control. He blames Kim and her family for this and is willing to say it as it is – and make them pay for everything they do.

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The source said that Kanye on topics like Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery, alleged affairs, and that he may have been secretly taking Kim in! It remains to be seen what kind of secret tapes Kanye might have.

Kim Kardashian ‘plans Valentine’s Day celebration without Kanye West’ amid divorce rumors https://t.co/UbvnThLc1Q pic.twitter.com/95pORkSFJk

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What do you think of the report? Would you be interested in an interview with Kanye West? Hope he spills tea to the Kardashians and Jenners?


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