Kandi Burruss is Mistress Angel in this clip and fans are there for that

Kandi Burruss is Mistress Angel in her last clip and her fans are impressed with her looks. Check out her post here.

Someone said, “This picture is way better than what Bravo put out !!” and another follower posted: ‘Well that’s cute !!! The other pictures posted did not give this mood 😍😍 ‘

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Someone else said, “Look, your outfit looks great here, but the picture Bravo took was so unflattering.”

One follower said, ‘Kandi ISSA NO. You have most of the money but you can’t get dressed. Where’s Jeremy or Shun? and another commenter wrote, “Kandi, now that I see your fit and hair from different angles, I can see where you’ve gone with it.”

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One follower said: ‘I love myself so Kandi. This mfa is so damn original! Something the world lacks these days. Especially women ‘and someone who posted esle:’ @kandi you @latoyaforever, @marlohampton are the only ones who followed up on the topic !! You all look great! ‘

Likewise, Kandi Burruss shared some pictures on her social media account where she has the best time with her daughter, Riley Burruss . Check out the pictures on their social media account.

“A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend! @ Rileyburruss my ❤️! ‘Kandi posted.

In other news, Kandi told her fans and followers that she is a big one Tina Turner Fan. Check out the post she shared on her social media account below.

Also, Kandi Burruss shared a few pictures with herself and some gorgeous RHOA ladies, and she made fun of the look on her face in most of the pictures. Check out the latest photos Kandi posted on her social media account below.

The ladies showed support at a party organized by Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka.

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