Jvanz releases Implausible Debut EP, ‘Lane Change’ [Icon Island]

Jvanz has become an aspiring artist who pumps out music non-stop with each release, increasing its quality and sound while remaining completely independent and remaining a true artist by sharing all of his music, videos and release plans with just himself and his Team at curated Icon Island. His work ethic is completely inspiring.

2020 was a great year for the young artist, with big releases like “Mi Amor” with Bunlo, “The One” and now his much anticipated debut EP “Lane Change”. The “L.Ane Change is about outgrowing your situation and stepping on the ground, going into the fast lane, getting past all BS and going straight to your goals. It’s a motivational message and the quality of this EP will no doubt get the listener to live up to that concept.

“Water” is the EP’s lead single and it speaks of how we’ve all felt at some point in this wild year, that we’re drowning in negativity, but with every down comes an up. Jvanz says:

“I wrote ‘water’ during these difficult times that we all face around the world. Like many others, I fought and knew what is true and what is wrong these days. With all of the fake news and false information spreading on social media, “What do I believe” and at the end of the day we all need to enforce and stay true to information to find out who we are and what we believe in … ” must be better for me ‘. ”

Other standout tracks are “Timeless” with one of our favorites, Snyder. It’s a track that lives up to its name and is the nicest song on the entire EP. “From The Jump” closes the EP perfectly in a brooding, captivating aura that can’t help but get you to repeat the entire listening experience all over again.

We can’t get enough of ‘Lane Change’ by Jvanz. Listen below!

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