Julianne Hough’s ex Chuck Wicks breaks her “pact” and divulges why they actually broke up

More than a decade after he split from Julianne Hough, Singer Chuck Wicks sets the record for how the end of their relationship really went in 2009 … and apparently it wasn’t as rosy as the two made it seem.

As a result of his podcast Talk to Chuck on December 14, the artist “Stealing Cinderella” became real with the guest Carly Pearce about his breakup with Julianne, with whom he started Dancing With the Stars in 2009.

Despite the popular belief that the two met when they were paired on DWTS, they actually met earlier, Chuck explained when they both went on tour Brad Paisley, Explained Chuck. While things were great in her professional life, her romance wasn’t designed to last.

“You go out there, we both love life, we’re at a peak because we are both, our careers have been great. You know, we bought a house together, did all of these things, and then out of nowhere find yourself that they are not who you thought they were and you split up. And then I had to … everyone wants to know why, “he explained. “And, you know, I did a CMA red carpet and we made a pact together to lie, to say no, we just wanted to break up, everything is fine. It was not okay. Not met the fan. “

Julianne and Chuck raised their eyebrows as they held hands and looked friendly behind the scenes at the CMAs in November 2009, despite reports the two had split up and were debating who would take over the house they had bought together three months earlier.

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