JT out of city ladies reportedly slapping Lil Uzi: “Knocked Out His Tooth”! (Footage)

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert is recovering after allegedly being beaten up by his girlfriend – The City Girls rapper JT. And according to Uzi, JT allegedly “knocked out” his teeth.

The Philadelphia rapper told fans what he thinks happened between him and JT. Lil Uzi explained: “B * tch really knocked out my tooth. Strong ass h * e.”

He added, “Don’t you b * t lori [Harvey] you must want to die. “


Lil Uzi) _JT

Just a few weeks ago things were looking good between Uzi and JT.

The City Girls rapper celebrated her 28th birthday on Thursday (December 3rd) and took to Instagram to show off the gift she received from Lil Uzi. She revealed that she had merely asked the Philadelphia native to pack her G-Wagen. Instead, it came back with new wheels, their iced initials in the grill, and much more.

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“I just asked for my car to be wrapped in matte black and for it to come back that way,” she wrote with watery eyes emojis. “The only 4 × 4 NEW body with the Brabus Kit !!!!! Pull up G WAG 63 !!!!!! thanks lil [saturn emoji]. ”

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