Jason Biggs jokes that he hopes Hollywood would not discover out he isn’t Jewish as a result of he’ll by no means get roles once more

Jason Biggs hopes he will continue to work in the film business even though he is not Jewish. Fans of the actor know that he has portrayed Jewish characters many times over the years, probably throughout his career, but he is actually not a Jew.

Speaking to the outlet this weekend, Biggs said he was afraid if Hollywood “gets wind of the truth” he would be out of work for the foreseeable future. The actor also spoke about how much the industry is now focused on cultural appropriation.

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These days, Biggs is promoting his latest appearance, Cherries Wild, a new game show that he is the host on. Attendees answer questions about pop culture trivia, and the American Pie star is obviously a huge fan of the show and its style.

According to Biggs, he has much of the same knowledge that is required of the participants. In fact, he says that while hearing the questions he was stumped only once. Biggs went on to say that he was a huge pop culture fan and knew a lot of random information.

“I’m a pretty big pop culture guy,” remarked Biggs before saying that he and his wife often talk about who is getting divorced in the entertainment industry. Biggs fans are excited to see his name hit the headlines a bit more.

Just yesterday Jason was on the news again for an interview in which he revealed a surprising detail about a role he had once turned down. As previously reported, Biggs had the opportunity to star in How I Met Your Mother, but he turned it down because he didn’t want to leave the movie business for television.

Jason said in the interview that it was probably his only major career regret that he wished he had done things a little differently. At the time, Jason didn’t want to give up his relaxed film schedule, where he always had a few months off. He also enjoyed making films.

However, he later realized he wanted to watch TV anyway and the way I met your mom went huge when it blew up.


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