JAG’s David James Elliott performs Stephen Amell’s father in Starz’s Heels


JAG alum David James Elliott has stepped into the ring of Starz ‘family / wrestling drama Heels, playing pop for Arrow vet Stephen Amell.

Written by Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty) with Mike O’Malley (Survivor’s Remorse) as showrunner, Heels was described as “a story about the men and women who pursue their dreams in the world of small town pro wrestling.” Set in a close community in Georgia, it follows a family-owned wrestling promotion that sees two brothers and rivals, Jack and Ace Spade (played by Alexander Ludwig von Amell and Vikings) battle for their late father’s inheritance. “In the ring, someone has to play the good and someone has to play his enemy, the heel,” the summary says. “But in the real world, these characters can be difficult to do justice to – or hard to leave behind.”

According to our sister’s deadline, Elliott will play Tom Spade, a former wrestler who is Jack and Ace’s father and husband to Carol (Mary McCormack). As the owner of the Duffy Wrestling League, he built a business that was open to aspiring wrestlers from across the country.

In addition to his career as JAG’s Harm (which he repeated earlier this year on NCIS: Los Angeles), DJE’s TV credits include Spinning Out, YouTube’s Impulse, Secrets and Lies, and GCB.

Joel Murray (aka Fred Rumsen of Mad Men’s) will also be back on his heels as Eddie Earl, a successful local owner and sponsor of DWL.

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