Jacksonville Rapper SHOOTS His ‘Op’ on IG Live … Then TAGS VICTIM !! (Clock)

Jacksonville rappers take violence, hip hop and video to extremes. MTO News learned that a popular Jacksonville rapper apparently shot one of his “opps” multiple times and the rapper “cheated” on himself by posting a video of the shoot on Instagram Live.

The shoot was recorded on video and the Jacksonville rapper shared a video of the shoot with his fans. He even marked the victim.

Fortunately, the man who was shot survived – although he was hit twice with high-caliber ammunition. It is not clear what injuries the victim sustained – but MTO News can confirm that he survived the shooting.

In the video posted on IG Live, the Jacksonville rapper appeared to be posting surveillance footage showing him pulling a large-caliber firearm and chasing one of his opponents. The gun seemed to jam – and the rapper couldn’t land the kill shot.

The rapper titled the video and said that the opponents were “lucky I didn’t get a headshot”.

Because crimes may have been committed, MTO News will not reveal the identity of the Jacksonville rapper who posted the video or the victim of the shooting.


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