Is that this the 12 months Britney Spears lastly breaks free?

By August 2020, Britney had petitioned the court to make Jodi her permanent sole keeper of the person. “Britney strongly opposes James returning as her own curator. Rather, she prefers Ms. Montgomery to continue in that role, as she has for nearly a year,” read E! News.

That same month, Britney appointed the court Samuel D. Ingham III submitted new documents requesting that Bessemer Trust Co. be named co-curator of their estate along with mother Lynne Spears Submit your own documents to support the appointment.

Through her lawyer, Britney would continue to demand more transparency in the process of her conservatory. In response to Jamie’s request for the case to be sealed, her attorney filed documents in September stating, “Britney firmly believes that the decision to appoint a new conservator for her is not only in her personal interest, but also With good public order in general, the estate is supposed to be made as open and transparent as possible. The seal application is allegedly made by her father to “protect” Britney’s interests, but she is firmly against it. “

By November, the judge who directed the case had recognized Bessemer as a co-curator and rejected a petition to suspend Jamie’s role. During that hearing, Britney’s attorney reportedly told the court, “My client told me she was afraid of her father. She will not reappear if her father is responsible for her career.” Britney’s attorney, calling his client a “highly functioning conservative,” argued that Britney deserved to be briefed of her father’s actions in his role, claiming she and Jamie had not spoken in a long time.

The following month, the court extended the Britney Conservatory to September 2021.

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