Is It Movie star Huge Brother Time? Was Strolling Useless Reunion Romantic? Did we use unsuitable Randall? Extra Qs!

We have questions and you (maybe) have answers! After another week on TV, we throw left and right questions about shows like The Queen’s Gambit, This Is Us, Big Brother and Superstore!

1 | As The Queen’s GambitBeth kept skipping school to sneak into tournaments in early episodes. Hasn’t a teacher / administrator ever read a note about the local girl’s achievements and found that the dates coincided with her “sick” days? (How did Mr. Wheatley never try to get back into his community life when she did the cover of Life et al.?) Turning to the finals, Mr. Shaibel’s laudation wouldn’t have mentioned his early mentoring a national chess champion ? And were you somehow excited that Beth never paid him the $ 10 back?

2 | How did Julie Bowen, who wants to be a millionaire, not choose her certified modern family genius son, Nolan Gould, as her helper?

3 | Is intimacy safe from COVID Card sharks actually work in his favor and allow more jokes between players and their guests – as well as a good-natured interjection from the opponent’s own entourage?

4th | Wasn’t anyone moved to tears by the breathtakingly romantic reunion of Dwight and Sherry from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead? Isn’t it hard (if not impossible) to remember how much we all hated him when the Savior shot an arrow through Denise’s eye?

5 | Why was the school the gang hid in? The Walking Dead: World Beyond decorated from top to bottom in handicraft shops? And when Iris and Silas hit an empty head between the steel gym doors, shouldn’t it have been crushed like a melon?

6 | In view of The undo Elena was in a much lower tax bracket than the other mothers in the private school. How could she afford the supposedly high membership fees at the same high-end sports club that Grace was a part of?

7th | On FargoHow exactly did he manage to hit Gaetano’s head with a bullet to knock him out?

8th | Are we missing something or did Ginger and Becky’s almost kiss on Filthy Rich come out of nowhere? And would Eugene hurry up and reveal himself ?!

9 | Should not The voiceWas it much (or even) more embarrassing for the coaches to admit that they didn’t recognize Queens “The Show Must Go On”? How seriously?

10 | You want to tell us Dance with the stars used a Billie Eilish track on Villains Night and it wasn’t “Bad Guy”?

11 | How strict is ABC’s privacy policy? Emergency call adhere to the fact that they cannot show drone footage of the actual areas where incidents took place? (How many times can we fly over the same forest area in Alaska?)

12 | Is AMC Soul mate A way of undercutting its premise, but not presenting the rousing success stories of Soul Connex?

13 | What are the odds that Saved by the Bell’s Spencer (which first appeared in the full-length trailer on Tuesday) was related to another Bayside alum? Does Screech have a son? Or maybe he’s the descendant of – #DeepCut alert! – Good morning, Miss Bliss’ Mikey?

14th | Have you gained a whole new appreciation for? This is us“Miguel and Toby when they connected over restarting One Day at a Time? Speaking of the couple, did Toby call stepfather Miguel “Migs” all along and we just blocked it? Meanwhile, TVLine reader Nicole asks, “Randall would have been 15 when Jonny Gammage was killed. Why did you use Young Randall in the flashback instead of Teen Randall?”

15th | As strong as The BacheloretteJosef had a sense of the way Clare treated the boys, maybe “atrocity” wasn’t quite the right word? And have you caught Clare slipping and calling Dale her “fiancé” (!)?

16 | Big Brother‘s The season 23 renewal is good news, but is anyone still secretly hoping for a new Celebrity Big Brother this winter? And couldn’t Enzo have waited about 10 seconds after Nicole’s eviction for the All-Stars Final before wrapping Cody in a gigantic thank you hug?

17th | Everyone else was easily angry about it The amazing raceWill and James? You were mad at Leo and Alana for helping another team last week, but then you spent the entire third leg … helping other teams? Do you also think the couple will get revenge on Will and James if Leo and Alana survive the U-turn?

18th | Does American Ninja Warrior demonstrate new obstacles for the athletes who must face them so that they know, for example, how to properly descend Dragon’s Back?

19th | Not The Conners‘Indoor trick-or-treat experience looks like a lot of fun? Wasn’t it nice to see Michael Fishman’s DJ (who also directed the episode) get a topical act? And what are the chances that Jerry Garcia Conner is currently on a backcountry farm with cousin Andy, Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days, and Judy Winslow from Family Matters?

20th | Has Whoopi Goldberg apparently had a lot of fun with her sometimes naughty telling of? The ConEpisode about Operation Varsity Blues?

21st | Is Jennifer Morrison banned for Why Women Kill season 3 after Ginny Goodwin’s season 1 and Lana Parrilla’s season 2 casting?

22nd | What CBS managers see and think about Einstein’s premise despite the gender flip: “Oh, we almost didn’t do that exactly before”?

23 | In order to, Star Trek: DiscoveryThe book is from the 32nd century and not Earth … and yet it uses the very British exclamation “Bollocks!”?

24 | When watching Superstore, were you surprised by the number of extras in the immediate vicinity? What anecdote did you find most terrifying / amusing: that Topher infiltrated Grace Glenn’s panic dreams and beat him to death, or that Sandra’s bus driver might break into her house every night and lurk over her bed? And for those of you who have watched both This Is Us and Superstore this week, which NBC series gave your preferred reaction to the news that Tom Hanks had COVID?

25th | If Supernatural‘s Billie takes over and everyone is sent back where they belong. Doesn’t that mean that Sam and Dean – who both died several times – would die again too?

26th | How long before the pandemic was this week Match game recorded that Alec Baldwin called Joel McHale’s Netflix show of the same name … which was canceled in August 2018?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you want to share!

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