Insurgent Scum, Dani King and Centrix workforce up for “Calm Earlier than the Storm”

Rebel Scum, Dani King and Centrix team up to create “Calm Before The Storm,” a single with all sorts of twists and turns.

Based on these exciting horns, it seems prepared to jump straight into madness with a heavy drop. Even the drums signal that something insane is about to happen. Instead, Dani King’s sultry voice goes over a soft melody and delicate guitar plucks.

Then, as we first suspected, the “calm before the storm” subsides and the stormy thunder of the noise breaks out. Personally, I like it when tracks are made with a specific purpose in mind instead of calling a dirty riddim song something like “GET FUKED” or what do you have? While both are subjectively artistic, one is – again subjectively – a little more.

Check out Calm Before the Storm below!

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