Inspirational producer Pierce Fulton has passed away

Pierce Fulton, the producer who brought us the amazing single “Kuaga” and many albums including his last year, Keeping The Little Things, has passed away. His brother Griff announced today on Pierce’s Instagram that he died last Thursday “after a tragic battle with his mental health”.

“Pierce was incredibly full of life, love, and unimaginable creativity,” wrote Griff. “He was kind, caring, thoughtful, silly, and sweet. The most magical person we have all been so blessed to know, hear and see. He was an expert on absolutely everything he set out to do and had this incredible ability to retain knowledge like I have never known before. The only word that can really describe his abilities is genius. With just one hope he could cast a spell over a room of strangers in no time – so that everyone felt loved, comfortable and welcome.

“He traveled the world for nearly a decade doing what he loved and forged strong friendships with so many wonderful people along the way to achieve more in his career in music than most in their life could dream. He loved you all so much and wanted to give you all that he had; and he had so much to give. “

You can listen to his latest album below and revisit our interview with him before his album Life In Letters here.

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