Industrial Core Watch: Put up Dying Soundtrack returns with a triple mixture of ‘Pathless Land’

The industrial / Doomcore outfit known as the Post Death Soundtrack released its epic, politically charged and genre-driving LP It Will Come Out of Nowehere in 2019. For the Canadian duo, this meant expanding their sound into an even darker electronic field. with lashes from halftime trap, breakbeat and trip hop. Now they’re expanding even further after picking one of the most intense tracks on the album, “Pathless Land”, and commissioning two remixes that not only change the style of the dramatic track, but create completely different tracks themselves.

The original of “Pathless Land” seems to be a pretty sparse track with its vintage rave intro and piano accompaniment with nine notes, but its sound is supposed to create anticipation and a certain mood, as the track slowly builds up but never completely ascends . It’s pretty much All Vibes in fact, as it cuts off with less than a build or drop and leaves most listeners wanting more. Listen to that. Most EDM fans can easily see why “Pathless Land” only asked for a remix.

In contrast to the original, both remixes of “Pathless Land” are designed as songs in the more traditional sense, although both still capture the mood and intent of the track. The “Lit Beacon” mix comes from PDS producer Jon Ireson himself and teases a little more rock from the track. The original has some campfire sound effects and it seems that Ireson enhanced this with some sort of country / folk mix of guitars. At first glance it seems like the track is supposed to have old west vibes, but as soon as Steve Moore’s vocals come in, the song once again seems out of date. It’s archaic, arcane and fits any campfire: old Norse Vikings, indigenous people, old west … it doesn’t matter. With a completely different musical arrangement, that timeless, tribal and intense vibe is still there.

The “Sovereign” mix made by Portland Doom artist Casey Braunger of Alltar and He Is Me is more suited to dance music. The intro starts out very ravey indeed and then brings in a distorted version of the synthesizer of the original mix as the rave sample helicopters fly over the rest of the bars. The drop is long and sobering, so to speak, when the track starts into an industrial breakbeat that becomes more and more complex the deeper the listener penetrates the track.

The vox in this mix is ​​mostly done as a pause to really give Moore’s vocals the space they deserve. It takes more than two minutes to incorporate into the next beats, but when they finally start in all their Doomcore glory, it’s worth it. With this mix, which is a cacophony of distorted synthesizers and almost constant bass declines, it becomes clear that PDS and Friends, while more than adept at producing, will only dip a toe into mainstream EDM. For now.

While multiple remixes are widely used in most EDM genres, with industrial and doom crossover projects like Post Death Soundtrack, having so many remixes on one track, especially remixes that are different in style and genre, is new and novel so differ. For a band that has an album like It Will Come Out of Nowhere and recently covered Tom Waits, this all seems to be part of the plan. It will be interesting to see where the duo takes their ever-expanding style next.

The “Pathless Land” remixes are available now and can be streamed on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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