Huge Brother’s Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott exit on a date

Sparks fly in front of Big Brother’s house.

Less than two months after the CBS reality show’s All Stars season ended, two former contestants have gone from strong competitors to friends.

E! Messages can exclusively confirm Big Brother: All Star players Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are together.

“My favorite thing about Memphis is that he understands and knows who I am,” Christmas shared with E! News. “He sees me and values ​​me for me and not who he thinks I should be or who I have been in the past. He feels like my home. I also love his wild, non-apologetic self. He is who he is.”

Memphis added, “The list could go on for days, but her infectious smile, apologetic laugh, and authenticity are just a few of the qualities I love.”

People started speculating that the two were together when a fansite shared a photo of the couple hanging out at a Florida bar in November.

And although they become close allies on the committee in the competition for Big Brother: All Stars, no parties expected to find love thanks to the show.

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