How the time journey of the butterfly impact works

What are the consequences of time travel in the butterfly effect?

Evans trials and difficulties in The Butterfly Effect lead to all sorts of variations in his life, from something as small as a cigarette burn to bigger consequences like the death and / or trauma of his friends and family. There is also a physical toll that Evans journey takes to him because while he can remember everything from the various schedules, he has around 40 years worth of memories by the final iteration. With every new journey, every deviation from the previous timeline, Evan’s mind is physically damaged and he comes back with increasingly stronger nosebleeds.

The butterfly effect ultimately reaches Evan at an intersection where he comes to one final game to save his life and the lives of everyone around him. One way leads to a happier / bittersweet result, while the other is the darkest possible timeline. Depending on which cut you see, the result is drastically different.

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