HNTR evokes cyberspace with the EP ‘Mind Games’ on its label No Neon [LISTEN]

HNTR, the Toronto-based Techno Force previously known as Hunter Seigel, takes his technology-driven moniker to new heights with his latest EP. Mind games and the associated crpytoart collection, the HNTR x Not a Neon Genesis Collectionmarks the second major release by the producer in its 2020 aspiration, I could forgive, I won’t forget.

The EP’s release is preceded by the debut of their leading singles. “Mind Games” and “The Odyssey.” “Beginning” and “Infinity” round out the four-track album, which features a variety of sounds including swirling Snyth lines and dark, industrial warehouse beats.

The theme of the album invites the listener to reflect on the digital world we live in. HNTR describes the concept of the project with the words:

In 2021 we will live entirely in an alternate cyber reality, connected but separate. At Mind Games, I wanted the EP to take you on a journey through our perception of our place in the universe in terms of our association with technology. The singing on each track and the accompanying melody are intended to tell a story of this journey from the beginning of the Odyssey to the end of infinity. – HNTR

The NFT Collection offers a visual experience that accompanies the album’s leading tracks, “Mind Games” and “The Odyssey”. HNTR has teamed up with creative people with him No neon Label used to create the works depicting a man trapped in cyberspace.

Fall into cyberspace with the latest EP from HNTR.

HNTR – mind games EP

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Photo credit: Jessie Walker

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