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It’s official: the world is not going to see a Lizzie McGuire revival for adults, at least not for the foreseeable future. Series star Hilary Duff confirmed the sad news on December 16 via Instagram and said that no agreement could be reached on the creative direction of the series on Disney +.

“I am honored to have Lizzie’s character in my life. She has made a lasting impact on many, including me,” Duff wrote. “To see the loyalty and love of the fans for her means so much to me to this day. I know that the efforts and conversations everywhere have tried to get a fresh start up and running, but unfortunately, despite all efforts, this is not the case. ” It will happen.”

She continued, “I want every Lizzie restart to be honest and authentic about who Lizzie would be today. It’s what the character deserves. We can all take a moment to mourn the amazing woman who would have been and about the adventures we would have gone on I’m very sad, but I promise everyone did their best and the stars just didn’t align. Hey, this is 2020 [is] made of.”

The popular show’s revival was first announced in August 2019. Production of the series ceased in January 2020 as Duff said there should be creative differences in the maturity of the new series’ clay. Disney + apparently wanted to balance the revival better with the tween-fitting original series.

Duff, who also served as the Revival’s executive producer, commented in February 2020 on her desire for the series to explore every aspect of Lizzie McGuire’s 30-thing life. The actress said she hoped the revival could lead to Hulu, Disney’s more adult-friendly streaming service, as Love, Victor had. But Duff’s December 2020 Instagram statement apparently confirms that those negotiations have failed.

But while the revival doesn’t advance we will always have what little we learned about Lizzie’s modern life in the early days of show production. Below is everything we knew about the Lizzie McGuire Disney + Revival series, including the original stars who were about to return.

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Lizzie would have been 30 when she was resuscitated. The new series should begin with Lizzie, who is approaching her 30th birthday, lives in a quaint Brooklyn apartment and has her dream job as an assistant to a chic New York interior designer. “Just like me and everyone … who grew up with her, so is Lizzie. She’s older, she’s wiser, [and] She has a much bigger shoe budget, “joked Duff at the D23 Expo 2019.

And her wardrobe was as colorful as ever – a photo from the show’s first day of production, released in October 2019, showed Lizzie walking the icy streets of NYC in a bright coat and a massive stuffed alpaca.

Alpaca your bags! #LizzieMcGuire, an original series coming soon on #DisneyPlus, goes to the next chapter in Lizzie’s story about the Big Apple. Check out this exclusive photo from day one of production. pic.twitter.com/5h7ONvGPm9

– Disney + (@disneyplus) October 29, 2019

She would have a boyfriend. As Duff told the crowded space at D23 Expo, Lizzie “has a perfect life right now,” and that includes “a dream guy who owns a cool Soho restaurant.”

Gordo was back! Adam Lamberg was to repeat his role as Gordo, one of Lizzie’s middle school best friends. Towards the end of the original series, the two realized they had feelings for each other and even kissed in The Lizzie McGuire Movie from 2003. Duff said in a statement, “I can’t wait for fans to see what he’s up to to 15 years later and how it fits into Lizzie’s adult world. “

Hilary Duff and Adam Lamberg, Lizzie McGuire

Some of Lizzie’s other classmates had the potential to show up. Duff told Entertainment Tonight in 2019 that “Opportunities [were] strong “We’d see other fan-favorite characters like Miranda (Lalaine), Kate (Ashley Brillault) and Ethan (Clayton Snyder).

The whole McGuire family should be back. Disney has confirmed that the rest of the McGuire clan – Hallie Todd’s Jo, Robert Carradine’s Sam, and Jake Thomas’ Matt – would also return to the revival. The actors even snapped a lovely family photo of their first reunion in 15 years reading at a table.

Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas, Hilary Duff and Robert Carradine, Lizzie McGuire

Cartoon Lizzie would be back too. Just because Lizzie is older and appears to be living her dream life doesn’t mean she doesn’t need an animated version of her inner thoughts to comment on her life! Lizzie’s 13 year old animated alter ego, who provided funny and insightful comments about what Lizzie really thinks, was also written into the revival.

Lizzie wasn’t going to have children, at least not yet. Like many millennials in their thirties, Lizzie hadn’t made up her mind about becoming a parent, Duff confirmed to Entertainment Weekly.

The first episode was shot in New York. Duff also told Entertainment Weekly that because of what happened in the premiere, Lizzie may not have stayed in New York City long.

We already had the first new footage. In a quick look at what was coming to Disney +, Disney included the first footage from the Lizzie McGuire revival.

Lizzie McGuire and the 2003 follow-up film are currently available for streaming on Disney +.

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