Her EDM premiere: Hardly any Royal Re-brands like Sovryn, Drops Warmth on Korsakov Music

This is something that the rave scene has had since Carl Cox et al. A complete 180 from the famous bass house producer Barely Royal, who conquered the 174 world as Sovryn. It’s a bold crossover move, but not as bold as it has been in years past. Since bass house starts to vibrate with dubstep and halftime and everyone uses similar bass synthesizers, a bit of genre jumping had to take place on tough D&B territory. Of course, the question arises: can Sovryn FKA Barely Royal do what so few have done in the past? Static Vision, his upcoming EP on Korsakov Music, is the answer.

For Sovryn, Static Vision is kind of a forerunner of things and a cross-section of what fans can probably expect for the house-cum-D&B producer. The first two tracks, the title track with Gid Sedgwick and “Somebody New” with Ruth Royall, are Sovryn’s vocal and melodic offerings. However, “Somebody New” has a nice crossover vibe between fluid and dance floor, while “Static Vision” brings the pain with a punishing drum track that powers the pop-infused vox. Both melodic, but they also wear very different styles.

The last two tracks are much more difficult. EP closer “Everybody” is a dancefloor heavy, but pseudo-neuro-banger with a little melodic spice in the intro and break. It’s a definite jumper with a sloppy beat that pushes the hard, metallic synthesizers forward and is interrupted by a cheeky hip-hop vocal sample. This track is balanced and fun and can be easily integrated into any dance floor set.

Today’s premiere is another heavy track from the EP called “Invasion”. With loads of neurofunk vibes, Sovryn effortlessly picks up the toughest technical subgenre, combining grinding synthesizers, a classic D&B kick drum combo, and some easy-going old school snares to create a track that would suit any tough D&B B label is worthy. The melody on this track is as good as gone, with just a little ambient fun on the intro and break. It is likely that this track was intentionally made in this format so that Sovryn would challenge himself and just jump in with his new Monkier and sound. It’s a brave move, and if history has taught us anything, Neurofunk prefers the brave one.

If you listen to Sovyrn’s work as Barely Royal, it’s pretty easy to see that all along he had what it takes to do an epic D&B, even if some die-hard people find it hard to crossover off the bass To make House. It’s always nice to find out that we have more fans than we think, and when an artist encourages themselves to join the ranks of the toughest genres in EDM, they should be applauded. Fortunately, it gets a lot easier for Sovryn as Static Vision is also polished, technically flawless, and has some bubble bass in it. Welcome to the club, Sovryn.

Static Vision falls on Korsakov Music on Friday February 26th. Click here to pre-order or pre-save.

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