HEKLER offers an insight into the upcoming album with the new single “ASTRAL” ft. JELEEL! [LISTEN]

CROCHETThe development through sound has been an absolute thrill over the years – and his latest single “ASTRAL” pushes the project forward again in a new way.

With an emotional performance of JELEEL! and a bold, dazzling soundscape, the production keeps us on the edge of our seats from start to finish with next-level creativity. HEKLER’s synth work shines with a lot of shimmer and grit, as heavy percussion emphasizes the heaviest moments of the track.

HEKLER announces the publication: “‘Astral’ means taking risks and making astronomical efforts to show the world who I really am as an artist.”

He continues: “I always did everything and just happened to show up on the bass scene. I’ve played in jazz bands, played rap, produced every genre and my journey has never shown my true passion and was always afraid to switch so I tried to include my entire background and create a new sound that would suit me as a person and an artist really represents. “

Before his upcoming album, HEKLER says: “You will not only hear, but also feel what I feel and experience on this journey that I have started over the past few years.”

“ASTRAL” follows “One I Want” misery, another must-have album single.

Now out Thrive on records /. UMG!


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