Hear Mica Levi’s shock new album Ruff Canine

British composer and mercury pop artist Mica Levi has released her first album under her own name. Ruff Dog is an 11-track collection of songs published by Levi himself. Check it out below (or on Bandcamp), along with videos for Wings and Pain.

The following statement from Ruff Dog, reproduced in full here, is contained in a press release:

Many pixels later there was a huge increase in frequency and some tiny clouds of knowledge broke out in the rain during the dress rehearsal for the collection of a lost WAV file. At that moment the other clouds separated and a ray of sunshine shone on inputs 1 and 2 of the audio interface – the screen brightness was dimmed and instead there was a long 6-hour recording session, which was divided into two days, in which she smoking stopped and decided to live in the song. After the break, the words might rhyme or come out dusty. they left the call forever.

Similarly, one of the titles is titled “A Jimi Hendrix in civilian clothes is driving me to Newcastle. For some reason the trip is going to be 3 days and he will do it for £ 150. He drives really smoothly and only listens to one album made by someone with Joy in their name. Joy’s music consists of cover versions of classic rock songs, but all edges are smoothed out. We arrive in Brazil and I am impressing someone because I say obrigado. The same person is asking me to find an intern. I don’t think I can, but I’m trying. I’m nervous in the girls’ dressing room, playing loud trap songs from my phone. “

In addition to releasing a number of pieces of music across genres in recent years, Levi has made a number of feature films, including Monos, Jackie, and Under the Skin. That year Levi made a short film for the respected photographer Nan Goldin. They also released an album with Good Sad Happy Bad, a re-formation of the group once known as Micachu & The Shapes.

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