Harry Kinds and Olivia Wilde appear to affirm romance as they maintain fingers in new photographs

Bet you didn’t expect to see this headline in 2021!

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde appeared to confirm their new romance after the couple got out together to celebrate a friend’s wedding.

As can be seen in the photos on page 6 A direction Singer and Hollywood actress held hands as they attended the vows of Jeff Azoffwho serves as Harry’s manager, and Glenne Christiaansen.

Olivia wore a floral dress with a pink headband, while Harry opted for a classic suit with a white button-down shirt. The couple wore black masks before the Watermelon Sugar singer put on a robe to pose for photos with the newlyweds.

A source says E! News Olivia and Harry were “in pairs” at the weekend wedding in Montecito, California, and stayed at the same hotel before returning to Los Angeles. In fact, people reported that the couple had been full of dating for several weeks. E! The news has asked both parties for comments.

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