Gray’s Anatomy will get actual on COVID-19 deaths forward of the winter finale

Grey’s Anatomy is almost always devastating, but today’s episode was on another level.

As Koracick (Greg Germann) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) continued to grapple with their own seizures of COVID-19, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) discovered that her mother’s care facility had a major outbreak and her mother was extremely ill. So sick, in fact, that she couldn’t make it to the hospital for a day.

Bailey had been silent about her mother having Alzheimer’s so as not to bring back bad memories for Meredith or Richard (James Pickens Jr.), but the fact that her mother died without knowing what was happening was really difficult for her. She tried to talk to a sleeping Meredith (and Meredith tried to talk back on the beach) and she really let go of Maggie (Kelly McCreary) about their black mothers and seeing them die.

Richard and Jackson (Jesse Williams) also advised each other that a large proportion of the black and brown patients were dying of coronavirus, and when Bailey said goodbye to her mother, she began reading names out on voice over. The episode then ended with a long, long list of names on the screen.

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