Grand Theft Auto V receives a next generation update for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Rockstar also teases “Surprises” for Grand Theft Auto III’s 20th anniversary.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Auto Social Feature

Almost eight years after its first publication Grand Theft Auto V. will be released in the third generation of consoles in a row when it hits the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in November. The stand-alone version of GTA Online is also coming to the new generation consoles, with lots of special bonuses for PlayStation players. More interesting, however, is Rockstar’s promise that “surprises” are related Grand Theft Auto IIIThe 20th anniversary will be announced later this year.

In a new press release, Rockstar said, “The new generation versions of GTA V will feature a number of technical enhancements, visual enhancements, and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware and make the game more beautiful and responsive than ever. “Even if improvements in sound and image were expected, the press release introduces“ new features ”for both GTA V and GTA Online, although no further information on the alleged changes to the gameplay was given.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trevor

Image via Rockstar Games

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The press release also confirms that GTA Online will remain free for PlayStation 5 players for three months after it was released in November. PlayStation Plus users on PlayStation 4 can also benefit from GTAs $ 1,000,000 each month until GTA Online is available for PS5. So far, no prices have been announced for the Xbox version, which gives PS gamers a clear advantage with the latest re-release.

Even if it was already known that GTA V and GTA Online would receive a new generation upgrade, the press release promises “even more funny surprises” for the anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III. Rumors of a remaster or remake of GTA 3 have been circulating for some time, but so far no official confirmation has been given by Rockstar. That would be the safest bet, however, as with all the processing power of the new consoles, players could benefit from one of their favorite entries in the GTA franchise.

GTA V has sold more than 140 million copies since its introduction on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013. The game’s multiple re-releases, first on PC and later on PS4 and Xbox One, helped add to this impressive number, which should continue to grow after the game was released on November 11th on both the PS5 Xbox Series X / S as well as the standalone version of GTA Online. Because we still don’t know when Rockstar will start Grand Theft Auto VIThis is the perfect opportunity to revisit one of the best games in the franchise in all the glitz that 4K can offer.

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