Good Girls Bosses Dish about Beth and Dean’s future and a fate for Annie that “nobody will ever see coming”


Will Dean Boland become the most likable character in Good Girls?

As a result of Sunday, viewers were given some new flashbacks that showed us the very early beginnings of Beth and Dean’s relationship. While a charming, younger dean became a much-needed distraction and support system for Beth during her mother’s illness, current jailbird Dean made the ultimate sacrifice for his wife when he pleaded guilty to the Fed’s charges. After Rio rejected Beth’s application for a bail loan and the womens fall man’s plan failed, Dean seemed destined to continue his life as an unjustly accused convict behind bars.

But what is ahead of the Bolands wedding and their hot tub shop, and will Annie ever be able to change her life? TVLine spoke to co-showrunners / executive producers Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs to learn what happened and what lies ahead.

TVLINE | How long will Matthew Lillard be behind bars because it doesn’t seem like Dean is about to be released from prison …
What is fun about it is that Beth is really forced to review the choices she’s made and the choices she’s currently making. It puts their marriage on a collision course that leads us through to the end of season four, where, in my opinion, the audience has been asking: Why are these people still together? Are they right for each other? What made them come together? Whatever that was, does it still exist today? We’ll answer all of these questions and have a final answer on the future of Beth and Dean by the end of season four.
BILL CANCER | All the penance he has had in the past for his infidelity … when is enough enough? Is she now torturing him beyond what he deserves? We like to keep their relationship very messy because that’s a reality. It happens in marriage. It’s not cut neatly. Marriage is tough, relationships are tough, and there is no solution to a problem.

TVLINE | I loved the flashbacks in episode 3. You definitely helped paint Dean as a personable character, despite the couple’s rocky past.
CANCER | He seemed such an idiot at the beginning of the series. Why should she be attracted to him? We really wanted to answer that for the audience. Below all of his flaws, he’s still the type of guy who’s a good person, who went astray, much like Beth who’s a great mother. She’s also made some bad decisions lately.

TVLINE | The ladies’ “Fall Guy” plan unfortunately failed. What else does Beth have up her sleeve?
Episode 4 presents something that takes her to a place where she can’t say no, and that helps Dean too. It starts the season in a different sphere in terms of what Beth needs to do to keep Dean out of anger.
CANCER | If Season 3 was about Beth’s journey into crime independence, where she wanted to own something and not stand under Rio’s thumb, this season is about realizing that you can’t change a person and that the only way out is is to simply escape all of it, at some level, and leave it behind.

TVLINE | Does that mean Boland Bubbles will be through if the government floods the hot tub store now?
Yes, it actually does. They are going to have some problems how to launder the money for Rio which then puts us in a very fun arc where they try to find another way to launder it. Where they land is a career / area of ​​society that we never thought we would see or witness. It’s so fun and empowering, but in a twisted way. It’s an unlikely feminist statement, and where it finally ends up will be with us for a while. The dealership went down, the hot tub went down, and then they finally land on what works. I think the audience will really laugh at what this is.
CANCER | Our “good girls” are very resourceful!

TVLINE | Will Annie ever get it together? What is on the horizon for you?
Season 4, I would say, is the season Annie brings it together.
CANCER | While the other women change in some ways through their relationships and through the criminal enterprise, Annie uses Season 4 as a means to grow up. She always makes the bad decision. So what’s it like to hit the right one? What is life like when you actually think responsibly and realize yourself?
PROHIBITIONS | And it affects so many aspects of her life, in terms of her romantic relationships and even her relationship with Beth. It has a positive, surprising and self-sacrificing effect. Annie is somehow redeemed by the end of season four, ending up in a place no one will ever see coming.

TVLINE | Always fun to watch Mae Whitman squirm a bit!
PROHIBITIONS | She is so funny and can do anything. She brightens even the darkest of situations, so we keep putting her in dark situations just to see that!

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