Godzilla Vs Kong hits the biggest IMAX opening weekend in more than a year

IMAX made a roaring international debut for Godzilla versus Kongand made $ 12.4 million over the weekend on 891 screens in 40 markets worldwide. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ epic Kaiju duel scored the biggest opening weekend on IMAX for a Hollywood movie since December 2019.

China led the way as the highest-earning IMAX market with $ 9.4 million in weekend box office – good for 14% of the total Chinese box office of the film on just 1% of the screens in the market. Globally, IMAX shipped 10% of the movie’s weekend box office, even though it only made up 1% of the screens. This continues the story of IMAX with strong market shares with the Monsterverse franchise.

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Godzilla Vs Kong will expand to at least 1,170 IMAX screens worldwide upon its debut in North America on March 31st – where pre-sales have been brisk and several shows at best performing IMAX locations have already sold out. You can see the exciting monster action in the Godzilla Vs Kong trailer.

“Godzilla Vs Kong demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible, and audiences around the world are responding to the call to continue to gain market share for IMAX and prove that Hollywood blockbusters are real business,” said Rich Gelfond, CEO by IMAX. “We are particularly encouraged by the film’s strong debut in China, where audiences have played a major role in this Hollywood franchise.”

Godzilla Vs Kong is currently standing as the king of the movies in the Monster Verse, winning the franchise’s biggest IMAX opening weekend in thirteen markets including China, India and Russia. In China, IMAX screens are shown in each of the ten best cinemas in the film. Despite capacity constraints of up to 50%, numerous markets in IMAX theaters returned healthy averages per screen, including Australia ($ 63,000), Hong Kong ($ 51,000), Saudi Arabia ($ 43,000), Thailand ($ 31,000), and the United Arab Emirates (USD 21) K) and Singapore (USD 21,000).

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