GEA releases new music video and offers their regular ambient environment a contact of commercial [Video]

Helsinki-based GEA has become known in recent years for the sweet, heavenly sound of their voice and the combination of traditional Nordic folk music and ambient electronica. So far, there has been a beautiful combination of styles in their releases that has gained recognition in a number of genres, including EDM. With their new single “The Truth Between the Lies” there is a new force behind their music and a new format.

Last year, GEA released a number of singles, each different from what fans have come to know as their usual style. These singles ranged from fully instrumental and traditional to EDM-based and were the harbingers of “The Truth Between the Lies”. It is without a doubt their most obvious electronic track to date, combining a vintage industrial beat and a musical arrangement that, with GEA’s operatic range, sounds like Kate Bush is working with Power Station or Duran Duran. The production and instrumentals are thanks to Canadian guitarist Chris Birkett and the collaboration has really paid off in terms of both the music and what GEA wanted to say with this song.

The lyrics for “The Truth Between the Lies” differ a little from GEA’s more organic, uplifting standard work, the quality of which is still very esoteric. The title pretty much says it all. Some may interpret it as political, but it is more political in the sense of the “Cave of Shadows” story in Plato’s Republic than it is specifically modern politics. It is about separating the lies of the physical world from the truth of the inner world and the work that sometimes it takes to get there. The song is still uplifting that way as GEA empowers the listener by clearly saying that there is another way to see the world.

And it all happened right in front of her eyes; You were involved in all of these lies; And everything happens right in front of our eyes. You can’t escape it: the truth between the lies.

For the video, which was published on YouTube at the same time as the song, GEA, together with the BYNEW film team and the animator Raimi Nikkari, created a simple and smooth visual animation that looks like stop-motion with sand painting, but with digital statics. The video is a bit abstract, but follows the lyrics and the kind of “Cave of Shadows”, but the musicians wanted the room atmosphere. The video brings the track to an even more cordial place through its landscapes and very abstract concepts. The video is a huge compliment for this song, where both musicians and videographers allow the audience to feel and interpret as they please.

It will be interesting to see where GEA is going with their next single and whether they will continue down this industrial / dream pop-fusion path any longer. As she continues to stretch and expand her style, it seems that this artist isn’t limited to any genre, but it doesn’t matter because her message and voice are so extraordinary. Needless to say, she’s still on show whether you’re into indie, EDM, or folk music.

“The Truth Between Lies” is available now from Fragity Records and can be streamed on Spotify. You can also find more breathtaking videos on GEA’s YouTube channel.

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