Future Claps Again At Child Mama # 8: Love Your self Extra !!

Eliza Reign is still battling Baby Daddy Future for child support – and recently filed an application for access to his bank records.

Eliza then went to Instagram to send a message to her child’s father:

“The truth is that black people are so deeply conditioned that they hate ourselves, especially black women, that we don’t even notice,” she wrote. “They are going to tell me, take the 1000 and go ahead,” It doesn’t even take a 1000 to raise a baby, “but when those white women on the blogs ask for 9 million, go how she should. ‘ “

Future has no problem bringing the petty and seemed to tweet in response to her remarks:

“Everyone had an option and a plan, then they have every excuse in the world when they fail. Love you more in 2021,” he wrote. “Let me out of the 2021 convo and see how far you can get. Love yourself. Same shit.” “Everyone already knew last year. Same topic #BORING.”

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