French digital producer DANGER releases debut online game soundtrack ‘Haven OST’

Almost a full year after the release of his coveted second LP Origins, CAUTION emerges from the shadows to reveal his stunning debut video game soundtrack. The OST is his second collaboration with independent video game studio The Game Bakers and G4F Records – the first being his contribution to the award-winning Furi soundtrack, which to date has garnered over 95 million streams across all platforms.

The multi-faceted musician decided to experiment with lighter, livelier sounds to complement the themes of love, rebellion and freedom contained in Haven. The OST follows the release of the project’s lead single “04:42 Still Free” earlier this year. Haven (Original Game Soundtrack) features 19 carefully produced tracks CAUTION‘s signature electro synthwave taste and he experiments with the colorful spectrum of vaporwave and funk. In addition to the video game counterpart, the Haven (Original Game Soundtrack) is now available on all streaming platforms via G4F Records.

Leaving his comfort zone to create a new orchestral dimension, DANGER explains, “While I’ve been more interested in exploring the nightmare zone in my music, the Haven soundtrack gave me the opportunity to explore other, brighter aspects of childhood . “

Fans can now pre-order their special vinyl and CD versions of the soundtrack here and can expect delivery by the end of January 2021. Haven is out now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series & One (Game Pass). Listen now below!

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