Followers consider that Eminem predicted storming Capitol Hill a very long time in the past

A flood of protesters stormed the Capitol yesterday in support of President Donald Trump. However, the situation reportedly turned dire, and even a handful of people died.

For many social media users, what happened in the building – and between Kim and Kanye West – is a sign that 2021 may not be better than 2020. According to Hot New Hip Hop, some curious fans have noticed how Eminem allegedly appeared to predict yesterday’s event in one of his older music videos.

In case you missed it, there was a group of men in the Capitol dressed in bizarre clothes, including a man disguised as some sort of pro-American Viking. Since then, the costumed men have gone viral and many are wondering who the men are.

Right now, Hot New Hip Hop reported, a tweet of Eminem’s “We Made You” video is circulating on the internet, showing some similarities between the men in the video and the guys who stormed the Capitol.

Okay, I know the Capitol situation is very serious, but …

How did Eminem predict this asshole?

– Lover Boy (@ MichaelCantDra1) January 7, 2021

According to the outlet, the Viking-looking man appears to have been inspired by the same person featured in Eminem’s video. Also, Eminem himself allegedly looks exactly like one of the protesters in the group.

As previously reported, a group of men stormed the Capitol earlier this week as the Senate elections began. In a surprising twist, the Senate turned to the Democrats and they now control the branch.

This all comes after Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden in November 2020. As for Eminem, this particular prophetic incident has led many to consider him The Simpsons, a show that regularly predicts all kinds of future events.


Of course, Eminem has made headlines lately for other reasons, including his alleged feud with Snoop Dogg after the rapper admitted he could “live” without Eminem’s music. Eminem replied to his song “Zeus” from Music To Be Murdered By – Side B.

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