Flux Pavilion “says goodbye to dubstep” however its greatest is but to come back

In the last few days dance blogs have published articles with different twists on the title: “Flux Pavilion says goodbye to Dubstep. “It’s a good article concept – a catchy title with a genre character who has been at the top of his game for the last decade, with lots of hits on his name like“ I Can’t Stop ”; “Do or Die”, Childish Gambino’s only foray into the EDM; his remix of “Cracks” by Freestlyers; The list goes on.

I’m not a dubstep person anymore

– flowpavilion.wav (@Fluxpavilion) January 11, 2021

But the reality of this tweet is a little more nuanced. While the above tweet has 390 RTs and nearly 4k likes (at the time of posting), the previous tweets, which no doubt give it context, are far less busy. Flux Pavilion describes himself as a “dubstep person” and refers to the type of person who always “tries to convince everyone that dubstep is still good […] just because someone said 2013 was bad. “

Just because someone said 2013 was bad

– flowpavilion.wav (@Fluxpavilion) January 11, 2021

Flux doesn’t say dubstep is bad either. He’s just saying that he’s no longer the kind of person who wastes energy trying to convince someone that it’s “still good” even though it was good all along.

As we approached the release of his new album .wav in a week, I wanted to offer a perspective that other writers of the above articles may not have – and that is, I had .wav for the better part of three months, and heard it and I can tell you its best is yet to come.

While .wav is objectively not a “dubstep album”, elements of the Flux core sound are still ubiquitous in the project, including familiar bass patches, synthesizers, melodic arrangements and keys. Not to mention one of the tracks on the album, an orchestral production fused with dubstep that is among the best bass tracks I’ve heard in a long time.

Hopefully, for anyone who read the last few articles and were concerned about the Flux Pavilion leaving the scene behind, this will help ease your worries a little. It certainly won’t be the same flux we’ve known for the past decade, but we can’t expect someone to do the same for over 10 years and not get a little bored.

.wav, the new album from Flux Pavilion, will be released on January 21st. Save it beforehand Here.

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