Fantastic roles of Millie Bobby Brown that will amaze you for Godzilla Vs Kong

Millie Bobby Brown wowed audiences in the role of the Elf in Breakout so much that Netflix hit Stranger Things that it might be difficult for some viewers to see the actress in any other role. However, doing so would mean sacking one of the best, most versatile actresses we have today on a grand scale. While her credits may not be long, by the time she was 13 (she is now 17), this Emmy winner has already accomplished more than many thespians achieve in an entire career.

As special as a role as Elf is, it is also part of a special show in Stranger Things. As much as people love it and want more information on where the show is going (the character split at the end of last season was a stroke of genius, by the way), it certainly won’t make legions of it, fans fail to notice that Brown is in the much-vaunted Godzilla vs. Kong returns to Madison Russell. Let’s take a brief but interesting walk through the past into some of the other characters Millie Bobby Brown embodied so memorable.

Once upon a time in wonderland

Millie Bobby Brown in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

In a cast that includes everyone from John Lithgow (as The White Rabbit) to Iggy Pop (as The Caterpillar), Brown does a solid (if not brief) job here as Young Alice, who embarks on an incredible adventure once she does Enter rabbit hole. Originally set in Victorian times, this show goes through different eras to take a different look at the story of Alice in Wonderland. Brown captures the innocence and naivety Alice has before she “goes down the rabbit hole,” but she also possesses one quality that lets you know that her adventure won’t put her off. She wants to find out things and eventually get back to a more normal environment. That show only ran for one season and Brown would eventually swap an Alice’s adventures for the upside down. In her 2 episodes of this show, however, she left an indelible mark that would make itself felt a short time later.

Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes

At first glance, Netflix’s Enola Holmes might seem like an odd film for Brown, particularly on the heels of Stranger Things. When you actually watch the show it becomes increasingly clear why the actress took on this role. Brown plays the teenage sister of the most famous detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. At the beginning of the story, her mother (the always great Helena Bonham Carter) is missing and Enola soon takes up the matter of finding her. This actually puts her on a collision course with Brother Sherlock (played by Henry Cavill) and eventually brings Enola into the mysterious world of Lord Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge). As you can imagine, there are many quick twists and turns in this story, and Brown does an excellent job of carrying this two-hour film. In addition, she seems to feel very comfortable in the milieu of 19th century England.


Millie Bobby Brown in NCIS

Millie Bobby Brown played the role of Rachel Barnes on an episode and was 10 years old when she appeared on this long-running show from 2003. The episode is titled “Parental Guidance Suggested” and in the plot helps Barnes (Brown) Gibbs (Mark Harmon)) get information about her dead mother. At first it looks like the killing is the work of terrorists. While Gibbs is working on the case, he quickly realizes that the woman’s murder has even bigger actors. Well Brown might only have been on this show for one episode, but it’s pretty clear that even at this stage in her emerging career, she had the merchandise. Asserting yourself with a show that has multiple seasons for each actor is a difficult hill. That Brown did it at such a young age likely gave the creators of Stranger Things reason to believe they could be safe with (and improve) their material.

Grey’s Anatomy

Millie Bobby Brown in Grey's Anatomy

Brown appeared on the show for an episode titled “I Feel the Earth Move” during the 11th season in the role of Ruby. On the show, her mother fell ill after an earthquake. Ruby then spends most of the episode talking to Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) until she and her mother finally get the help they need. Given that she was only eleven when she played this role, Brown really deserves the honor of being so skillful with such material. It is one thing to play the part of a fearful child. Playing the role of a child trying to save a parent is a different matter. All of this is effortless to handle, as Brown has shown here and, of course, later in her career. Millie Bobby Brown has a mysterious quality. This is no doubt because of how well she played the part of the elf in strange things. At 11, however, she brings so much gravitas and a very nuanced performance that it is truly a miracle to see her act in this episode of the ABC hit.

Modern family

Millie Bobby Brown in the modern family

The best part about Millie Bobby Brown being on this show is that we see her in a comedy. Don’t get me wrong, projects like Strange things and Enola Holmes showed funny moments, which of course were built into the material. At the same time, if you want a good laugh, I don’t think you would attract any of these things. Again, Brown was only on this show for one episode, and to be completely honest, she’s not on the episode very long. However, if you like Modern Family and Millie Bobby Brown then why wouldn’t you want to become a completist and see her shine here? In this season 6 episode, titled “Closet? You’ll Love It,” she plays a young lady whose bike was stolen by none other than Manny (Rico Rodriguez). As I mentioned earlier, this is a quick scene and it’s not that anything brilliant is going to happen, but it’s quick news for fans of the actress that she can play pretty much anything.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Millie Bobby Brown in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

As Madison Russell in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Millie Bobby Brown did a good job with such a massive franchise that has been around since 1954. In this film, Brown plays the daughter of Dr. Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler). Amid their relationship (and the dynamic that mom, Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) brings with her), we find that Godzilla is back and this beast will actually team up with Mothra to fight the infamous Ghidorah ( as and the legendary Rodan). Honestly, the CGI is the thing here, but that doesn’t mean Madison Russell (or any) character fell by the wayside. There is an interesting family dynamic between the Russell’s that plays out over the course of the film. Brown has been affected by previous family events and is at the center of it all as her precocious character essentially resurrects her family’s purpose in life. Again, the actress was more than up to the task in this film, and it is obvious that in Godzilla versus Kong She and her CGI colleagues will have a little more screen time.

Strange things

Millie Bobby Brown in strange matters

Of all the roles talked about on this list, I saved Millie Bobby Brown’s great twist as an eleven for the end. Why? Aside from the fact that almost everyone knows Brown from this role, anyone reading this article probably already knows the story of Stranger Things. This tale of the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, home to insane experiments involving both the paranormal and parallel universes, is the stuff of groundbreaking television lore today. Brown, initially with his head shaved, played a very mysterious character who we find out was a victim of such experiments. This says nothing about the mysterious apparition of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who leads a group of adventurous teenagers through the rabbit hole of this city’s greatest secret. While the story eventually moved away from Brown over the course of the seasons, she is certainly still one of the main stars and really plays her role with incredible sharpness and strength. The best part is that we see Brown / Eleven literally growing up in this real / cinematic world and that this adds another level of complexity that Brown is extremely well suited to. Stranger things are a cultural touchstone. It’s the kind of project that Brown really contributed a lot to, and one can only wonder how she’s going to play her role in Godzilla vs. Kong and whatever comes in the future.

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