Famous Dex hit with 19 charges for guns, domestic violence and more

The famous Dex was beaten on a total of 19 charges from three different incidents and could spend up to 18 years behind bars.

Two of the incidents were domestic violence charges against his ex-girlfriends.

In November, officials were called to his home because of a domestic argument with a woman. When they arrived, they found that the woman had cuts on her skin. Dex is then said to have made a barrier in the house with guns after he injured her. He was charged with domestic violence, gun possession, advising a victim not to report a crime, and defacing property for the incident.


He is said to have injured another woman the month before. He has been charged with domestic violence for assault, threatening a domestic partner, assault, issuing a firearm, warning a victim to report a crime, defacing property, and illegally possessing a firearm.

He was also arrested earlier this month on gun charges after police officers found a loaded gun under his seat in a vehicle he was in. Dex was in the passenger seat, but a restraining order forbade him from carrying a gun.

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