Facebook launches clubhouse-style drop-in audio chat rooms

Facebook announced that a drop-in audio chat platform is in the works. “Live Audio Rooms” as it is called, will directly compete with the more popular and notoriously exclusive Clubhouse App.

For those unfamiliar with Clubhouse or on its waiting list, Clubhouse is an invitation-based social media network that allows users to overhear conversations on a variety of topics. The app was launched at the end of 2020 and is becoming increasingly popular. It recently rose to a whopping $ 4 billion. The app’s success is due in part to the pandemic, but also to the relaxed, off-camera environment that users can chat in and the sheer exclusivity of the model, which is invite-only.

Since this is the world of electronic music, the app has been used by people like deadmau5 and Flosstradamus Discuss crypto art, music production, and a range of other topics. The app is particularly suitable for learning and networking in the music industry. The spaces are hosted in abundance by record label managers and artist managers.

While Clubhouse seems to have cornered the audio chat room market for now, they have one weakness. Currently, the app is only open to iPhone users, leaving millions of Android users behind. Clubhouse has announced that software is in the works for both operating systems, but has not announced a rollout date.

Another area where the Facebook app has the potential to stand out is in more in-app services. Live audio rooms are integrated into SpotifyAudio groups can stream music or podcasts directly into the audio room and listen to them together in real time.

Live Audio Rooms certainly have potential, but significant efforts will be required to dwarf the industry clubhouse. One thing is certain, however: We are excited to see how this challenge will affect the clubhouse.

Read more about Live Audio Rooms here.

Image via Facebook

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