Excessive Faculty Musical EP talks about filming Vacation Particular on the Bachelor Mansion and what to anticipate in Season 2


The East High Wildcats are back (and with a longer title than ever!) To bring us High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Holiday Special.

The happy event, now streamed on Disney +, features the cast of HSM: TM: TS performing a number of festive jam songs – including classics like “Little Saint Nick” and “Feliz Navidad” as well as “The Perfect Gift” , a new song written by series star Joshua Bassett – from every corner of the world. So how did it all come about?

“I had this crazy plan that one day we would do a high school musical Christmas movie with the cast,” showrunner Tim Federle told TVLine. “We were in quarantine for a couple of months and I knew we would be returning to Salt Lake to start filming season 2, but it still felt pretty bad. Nobody really cracked it. So I said to Disney, “What if we used that natural separation to our advantage and got to know the actors behind the characters? When I was a fan of teen shows, I read every interview that told me just a little more about the actors. And once I looked at the brilliant actors we have, the songs just came together. “

And here Federle turns out to be a time wizard: “I thought that when this lands around the holidays in 2020, we will all have zoomed out as a society,” he says. “Even though I opened the special in the summer, I fought hard to ensure that the actors didn’t shoot iPhones themselves. That made it 100 times harder, but hopefully it’s something that will stand the test of time. “

One of the most exciting performances comes courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo, who introduces Joni Mitchell’s “River” to a new generation of viewers. And if you think the recruitment of their large numbers is well known, have a good eye. Or you just watch a lot of reality TV.

“We shot it in the middle of a heatwave in front of the Bachelor villa in Malibu,” says Federle. “It was the only location in Los Angeles that was available at the height of the quarantine. It just makes me laugh to see Olivia looking in the fountain and I ask, “The number of bachelors I saw walking past that fountain …” We’re really continuing the legacy. “Check out their performance below:

The special also gives us a first look at the second season of HSM: TM: TS, most of which has already been shot. “We’re still working on the last few episodes,” says Federle. “We always have a few surprises up our sleeves.” But fear not – the coronavirus won’t be one of those surprises.

“We made a game day decision that made us wonder, ‘Let’s let Grey’s Anatomy do that. You will do really well. This is their world, ”he explains. “Until our premiere, I really believe that we will be on a better path as a world. I don’t know if people want to tune in for half an hour every week to be reminded of what we just got out of. So in Season 2 you won’t see any masks other than possibly a beast mask. “

What is your favorite number from the holiday special? Degree HSM: TM: TS: THS below Leave a comment with your hopes for season 2.

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