Every star voting for the primary time within the 2020 presidential election

Tan France becomes a US citizen and looks forward to the vote

You never forget your first time.

And for many celebrities, the 2020 presidential election is particularly memorable. Selena Gomez, Snoop Dogg, Billie Eilish, Tan France and Ryan Reynolds Everyone has one thing in common this November 3rd: They’ll be voting for the first time!

While this year’s White House Race is the first that some stars were eligible to vote based on age, others may Kelsea Ballerini and Tyler, the creator say they never realized how vulnerable it is when privileges stand in the way of democracy.

“The political climate of this election is intense,” the 27-year-old country star admitted on Instagram. “It can feel really overwhelming and scary to have an opinion at all. When you know you share this, regardless of your platform or perspective, you will be ruthlessly criticized. There is a lot of noise … but I learned that on the most important thing is to be something but still. And our voice is our voice. “

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