Erica Mena shows her hourglass figure after her reconciliation with Safaree

That was revealed Erica Mena and Safaree are together again after a short breakup. Some people say this was just a publicity stunt, but we’ll likely never find out.

“Being around me is fun and funny until the Mena attitude kicks in. @Prettylittlething,” said Erica.

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Someone commented, “Oh, hush, your last name is no longer Mena, you gave up on that” and someone else said, “Oh, such beauty, Mrs. Samuels, definitely.”

Someone else said, “So beautiful and beautiful bae womany @iamerica_mena” and another follower said, “That Mena attitude made us family. I love you sister, I need to see you guys soon!”

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One commenter said, “She really thinks she’s fun to be with – yes, when they fuck you,” and someone else wrote, “You mean until some demons step in?” You’re funny, get ready because you have a good man.

One follower said: ‘Always rocked with you !! The same thing that makes you smile is the same thing that makes you cry! Stay !!! If you can’t handle it, so be it !! ‘

That was revealed only recently

Safaree and Erica Mena said they broke up a while ago but it seems things are slowly returning to normal these days.

Check out the latest post he shared on social media to see what happened.

“It’s official that I won’t be leaving my house this summer. My wife just surprised me and brought Jamaica to my garden. I can’t believe I just walked around my backyard and had @spiceofficial perform in my cot. Yoooooo, that was crazy, omg !!! Thank you wooo much! WOWW I’m speechless !! Reggae Sumfest in my garden !!! The best part was the big picture of me in the background, ”said Safaree.

The fans wish the couple all the best.

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