Enjoying with Energy Trailer exhibits that Nintendo Docuseries are cracking

I want a full episode on why Donkey Kong wears a tie and no other clothes.


Nintendo is practically synonymous with video games – how many of us grew up with the word “I play Nintendo” as a collective term for playing video games in general? The company came from comparatively humble beginnings and became the ubiquitous titan of the industry. It completely revolutionized home entertainment in the 80s and 90s, creating a loyal following of lifelong customers. But you can’t reach that level of success without delving into some shadowiness and crackle’s upcoming documentaries Playing With Force: The Nintendo Story looks like an honest chronicle of all the joy (and filth) of Nintendo’s story.

Narrated by Sean AstinPlaying With Power, who also acts as executive producer, takes us through Nintendo’s start as a playing card maker to its current status as a gaming monolith. The five-part series features interviews from various industry experts and media personalities, including Wil Wheaton, Alison Haislip, Bleszinski cliff, Phil Spencer, Nolan Bushnell, and Nati Casanova (aka Zombi unicorn), among many others.

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Judging from the trailer, Playing With Power feels like a good balance between good-natured nostalgia and enthusiasm for Nintendo as a brand and innovator, and a thoughtful critical analysis of some dubious practices and past missteps by Nintendo. In other words, it has a clear love of Nintendo, but it doesn’t look like the superficial fan service that some video game documentaries have fallen victim to in the past. Personally, I hope there is an entire episode dedicated to the Virtual Boy, a console that I’ve only seen on loan in Blockbuster Video that is gathering dust alongside the strategy guides. All five episodes can be streamed for free on Crackle starting March 1st. Check out the trailer below.

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