Emma Corrin responds to a backlash over the portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown

Emma Corrin hopes The Crown viewers can appreciate the show for what it is.

The 24-year-old actress was a guest at Tamron Hall on Monday November 16 to discuss her role as Princess Diana on the newly released fourth season of the Emmy-winning Netflix series. During the performance, the host asked Corrin about recent reports that the Royal Family and Members of the UK Parliament are unhappy with the portrayal of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles, which ended in a publicly known divorce.

“It’s difficult,” Corrin said of the situation. “I think for everyone in The Crown, we’re always trying to remind everyone that the series we’re in is largely fictionalized. Obviously, it has roots in reality, and in some ways, but Peter morgan ‘s scripts are novels. “

The British actress admitted that it is valid for some viewers to have trouble accepting that liberties have been taken away with a narrative about a real character as loved as Diana.

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