Each Sofia Coppola film, together with On The Rocks

2. Lost In Translation (2003)

Lost in Translation was inspired by the filmmaker’s time in Japan promoting The Virgin Suicides. For audiences and critics alike, it is a film that cemented Sofia Coppola as a leading emerging talent, cemented Bill Murray’s status as a dynamic dramatic actor, and cemented the path for Scarlett Johansson’s career rise.

Coppola’s more reserved, searching second feature, re-exploring disassociation, displacement, and alienation, is still filled with the lyrical, enveloping qualities discovered in her previous film. But with Murray’s quietly tormented, gently wistful performance, as well as the director’s growing confidence in defying narrative conventions, Coppola displayed extraordinary reach, along with the poetics that made Virgin Suicides so haunting.

While Lost in Translation is not flawless, especially when multiple critics question the portrayal of the breed, it is an immensely poignant trait full of pathos and restrained depth of character that proved that Coppola’s first success in filmmaking was no accident. With Lost in Translation she found and refined her style with great success.

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