Drew Barrymore’s wardrobe malfunction is a vital temper for 2020

Drew Barrymore just trying to hold it together … and by “it” we mean her skirt.

On December 3, actress Never Been Kissed took to Instagram to flaunt a cute outfit from the Drew Barrymore Show closet. But as she later revealed to the camera, her ensemble needs a bit of DIY hack to make it work.

“You know how normal we do these cute pictures and we say, ‘Oh my god, look at this great outfit, look.’ Well, let me keep it with you, “the 45-year-old explained before turning around and showing how her skirt needed an extender.” Yeah, that happened. I guess I’ve been eating my stress lately, and I have to stick in there like a bra. “

Drew joked that the situation meant she had to “reevaluate my life this weekend.”

“And for anyone who needs to put an extender on your pants,” Drew continued, “well, you know, I feel you.”

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