Does Bridgerton Queen steal scenes? Did Mando neglect one thing? How’s intercourse with out Samantha And extra questions!

We have questions and you (maybe) have answers! After another week on TV, we’re throwing left and right questions about shows like Saturday Night Live, The Bachelorette, Sex and the City, and Bridgerton!

1 | Can we talk about how illegal the tint on this MacGyver villain’s car is? (But maybe that’s why you were a bad guy?)

2 | Regarding The MandalorianThe season two finale, TVLine reader JeffDJ, wonders: Shouldn’t Din at least have been given the name of the Jedi who took Grogu away? Do you think R2-D2 beeped excitedly, “Hey, it looks like Baby Yoda!”? And do you think Din will get more attention on the whole helmet / face thing?

3 | Did this true tsunami of Blue Blood’s guest star openly freak you out in these otherwise masked times?

4th | Wouldn’t it have been nice if Kristen Wiig had resuscitated some of her others? Saturday night live Characters (e.g. Target Lady, Gilly)? She played both the secret word candidate Mindy Elise Grayson and the repeatedly surprised Aunt Sue when she hosted a real episode for the last time in 2016. And when we talk about Secret Word, we know why SNL is counterfeiting Jeopardy! by name, but not the classic game show Password?

5 | How likely was it? Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks really picked up on all of these song suggestions during their live CBS Christmas special? There had to be some who wanted to do it early, right?

6th | We know everyone on Shameless is busy with COVID, but does it seem like the show forgot that Kev and V got engaged late last season?

7th | Was Good morning Americais exclusive Mandalorians Finale post mortem with Jon Favreau as fleeting and brief as it could be? What exactly did he mean by Mark Hamill being “on set” for the finale? And not a question about Grogu’s future with the franchise?

8th | Was Paul from NEXT lucky that his panic room was not discovered / cordoned off when his office was converted into a break room with installed vending machines? Could Gina have had a worse poker face when she joined the NSA? (Why not just tell the nosy guard, “Oh, I usually wear my hair down”? Or, “I usually wear contacts”?) And was it any small wonder that CM’s brother-in-law didn’t attack Shea when they walked into his armor locker?

9 | We couldn’t help but wonder … is there even a real Sex and the City revival without Samantha Jones to spice things up? And would you rather see this no-Samantha revival, or a real fresh start following four new young women looking for love in the big city?

10 | Why not The Bachelorette Show us Tayshia and Ivan’s conversation about their religious differences, or did Tayshia at least sum it up in a confessional when it turned out that was why she sent him home? And do you think Clare and Tayshia resent being stuck at the La Quinta Resort while new Bachelor Matt James has a huge mansion to use?

11 | Which of A teacherYou were more surprised at the guest stars this week: Michael Angarano or Grace Gummer?

12 | On The challengeFor or against Leroy’s decision to throw Wes into the elimination?

13 | Could Bridgerton be the most expensive series on television just because of the premiere? How long did it take you to notice the classic cover of Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” that was played in that one scene? And is it too early to request a bottle episode for the (inevitable) season 2 that sends Penelope, Queen Charlotte and Eloise on a road trip across Europe? Here you go, Shonda Rhimes?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you want to share!

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