DJ Akademiks: Saweetie leaked the fight video !!

DJ Akademiks has said that he believes Saweetie leaked the video of her and Quavo fighting in an elevator.

He’s on Quavo’s side.

“TMZ didn’t have this video in their pocket. Someone recently bought this video from TMZ. They paid between about fifty and one hundred thousand dollars. If they had had this video all along, they would have loved it. They just got it. said Ak.

“Why should this video come out automatically now? Why now ?! Who would that benefit ?! We have to ask these questions because even if we aren’t – I want to be very sensitive. We will always be on a’s side Victims, but we will never ignore the possibility of someone trying to run with a narrative, “he added.

Akademiks has a solid relationship with the outlet.

“And Saweetie, it seems like you’re trying. I think she took that video into the ecosphere and said,” N * ggas is going to call that n * gga an abuser, yeah. ‘ You know why? Because after telling the world that he cheated, people were still half and half divided. ”

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