Diddy proudly praises his brother – learn his message

Diddy shared a sweet message for his brother on his social media account. Check out what he had to say here.

‘I’m so proud of my brother @bystormpitts; He just became PRESIDENT OF RCA RECORDS! This is really black history and BAD BOY HISTORY! ‘Diddy began.

He went on to say, “Mark took me to Howard University, he was my first manager, he lived with me, he ran Biggie, he held me and he helped me lift me up! And he never stopped grinding! Congratulations King, you make us all proud. We love you! Brooklyn get up, bad boy get up! The whole music industry STAND THE F * CK UP !!!!! “We did it BROOKLYN!”

Someone said, ‘Wooooooooo! Damn brother, thank you and THANK YOU for dragging me in and inspiring me and all of us !!! I love you!!!’

Another follower said: ‘Gucci !!! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! He grinds to be celebrated ???????????????? Say hi to President @bystormpitts. ‘

Someone else posted this: ‘Congratulations Pitts !!! Always a solid guy who gives solid advice! I am happy for you and I am proud of you !! Surprised? NOT AT ALL! Keep being great brother !!
@bystormpitts. ‘

One fan said: ‘@diddy, it’s time for HARVE PIERRE to teach the NEXT head of BADBOY. And yes, MARK GUCCI DON is BADBOY history. I studied. I’m hip ‘

In other breaking news, Diddy shared a post on his social media account addressing some interesting topics.

Fans and followers have started a debate in the comments.

Diddy praises Notorious BIG on social media. Check out the video he shared on his social media account.

Diddy lives his best life with his family these days.


Diddy lives his best life with his family and friends these days, and fans are excited to see him like that. Stay tuned for more news.

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