Demi Lovato explains why Max Ehrich’s engagement gave her a “false sense of security”

Demi Lovato used her engagement as evidence that she was fine after her drug overdose in 2018, the singer explained in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Last July, the artist “Sorry Not Sorry” announced that she and the actor Max Ehrich were engaged after just months of dating. Then, just two months later, the couple split after it was reported that Demi’s family and friends did not approve of the relationship.

“I was really fooled because it was the sure and expected thing,” she told the magazine. “Of course I was very interested in the person, but there was something in me that was, ‘I have to prove to the world that I’m fine.’ Now that I’m not engaged or married and I’m fine, I ask, “Wow. Isn’t that so much stronger? “It’s not that false sense of security.”

She added that her massive engagement ring, which was reportedly worth about $ 1 million, “made it really real”.

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