Cynthia Bailey Talks Sturdy Girls – Learn Her Message

Cynthia Bailey shared a really motivating message on her social media account. Check it out below.

” Some women choose to follow men and others choose to follow their dreams. Much respect for our strong men, but nothing like a strong woman. “✨ #womenshistorymonth #cynthiabailey ???? @ denisemasonphotography ‘, Cynthia signed her post.

Someone said “love the curly hair ???? @cynthiabailey” and another follower posted this message: “Live this, gave me Whitney vibes at first sight.”

One follower said, “If you want to hear real SHIT, listen to real talk to my girl, Cynthia Bailey !!”

Someone else said, “Keep reminding yourself that you wake up every morning. You walk along as powerfully as you walk with someone. Think of that” happy Tuesday angel “. One commenter wrote this:” @cynthiabailey You got me sing woman woman woman strong woman woman woman beautiful woman woman woman ???????? ‘

One follower said, “I like the way she keeps her comments open, unlike those who know they are not very liked,” and one follower said, “say that again,” but I have to say you play and you are the sexy role. ‘

Someone else said, “You are strong. Smoking a cigar does not show that you are strong. «

Cynthia Bailey revealed an important show her husband will have. Check out the post she shared on her social media account below.

‘Tomorrow is the big day! New job, new trip. Start your day with Sharon + Mike at 6am! I wish you a nice first day. Proud of you! ???????? @ itsmikehill @sharonreedlive @bncnews, ‘said Cynthia about her post.

Likewise, Cynthia shared a message about black American history worth checking out. Here is the post she shared on her social media account.


“#Repost @violadavis: Black History is American History 24/7/365 ????????Beyoncé – Raise your voice and sing.”

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