Cops reportedly have a video of YNW Melly admitting killing his mates !!

YNW Melly may be sued by the families of his alleged victims, but his legal troubles will continue to worsen as investigators reportedly have a video confessing to the murders.

According to Complex, Broward County’s Assistant District Attorney Kristine Bradley played a video she said was found on Melly’s cell phone in an August 2019 trial – taken a month before the day Juvy and Sakchaser were killed .

She says it is “a video of Mr. Demons admitting shooting two people in the head”.

“There’s no regret for the shit I did to make this n * gga die,” Melly allegedly says in the video. Then he allegedly sticks a pen which he holds to his head as if it were a weapon. He mimics the trigger before throwing up a Bloods Gang sign. Melly then says: “Both never say when.”


Melly has denied being involved in the shootings – but if the video is real it could hurt him during his trial.

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